"Suffering from a chronic shoulder injury, Kate has become an integral part of my rehabilitation.  A five minute chat with Kate will prove that she is an expert in her field.  But, I suggest a massage to experience the healing power."

Jeff Donnelly


I am suffering from scoliosis and post polio pain. For those I have had massage for years so I can tell immediately the great massage from the ‘so-so’ one. From the very first session with Kate I felt this lightness in my body and my pain has left me for the whole of few days!!! As an additional benefit, I slept soundly through the night-which is unusual for me. Kate not only gives you a cure for your body pain, she manages somehow to calm your soul-she has THE GIFT. I call her Massage Goddess.

Elena Bridges, LDO

I’ve been going to Kate for about 18 years and can’t imagine going to anyone else!   Kate is the best, most knowledgeable Massage Therapist that I’ve ever experienced---and I’ve been to quite a few!   Not only does she take the time to listen & understand your issues, she completely comprehends all of the “body part” interactions & reactions.   Her level of expertise allows her to “listen” to what your body tells her when she is working on you and then act appropriately based on this information and what you tell her.  I try to go every 3 weeks and if I miss a session my body REALLY lets me know!  I absolutely recommend Kate to anyone who needs or wants great “treatment”!


" Kate is an amazing massage therapist.  Her deep tissue work saved my body when I was severely arthritic, prior to my hip replacement.  My passion is anatomy; and Kate really knows her stuff.  She is also incredibly resourceful and caring.  I've been going to her for over 15 years -- she's the best in the city!"
                                  Mara Adelman, Ph.D.

Kate is a healer.  She brought me back after two car accidents, and I continue to go to her because she knows how to work the stress out of my body.  Her massage techniques and her knowledge of the body, diets, supplements and other forms of therapy have helped me immensely.  She never gives up on finding ways to relieve pain.  In addition, she’s great fun to be around.  I always walk out of her studio a new woman.

                           Vicki Vorhes

Massage by Kate McCoy is a gift I give myself -- strong, sure and always mindful to take good care.
Doris Martin

I've received professional massage for 30 years. There are so many people doing massage that are just O.K., at best. Kate McCoy is  truly gifted and skilled, you can spend years looking and you'll be quite lucky to find someone as good as Kate. Not only is her massage the best, she has a fabulous garden cottage studio with radiant heat floors custom built for her massage practice!

                 Diana Russell

"I've been having massages with Kate for over 15 years. I hope for another 15 years of massages with a great massage therapist in an awesome studio space."
Joelle Andren

I've known Kate for almost 10 years and have regularly visited her for massages during that time. Kate has helped me to recover from injuries as well as eliminate stress related tightness. She is well versed in anatomy, is strong and does excellent deep tissue work.  Her studio is located in soothing garden space and has heated floors.  It rocks!

As someone that works out on a regular basis (7 days per week), I need a massage therapist that I can depend on to keep my down time to a minimum.  That person is Kate.  I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great massage therapist.

- Sally