About Me

imageimageI have been a Licensed Massage Practioner since 1985.  I got my first license in Oregon and then went on to study further at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in NYC.  I have been licensed in 4 states and practicing in Seattle since 1990. I work with pregnant women, athletes, people recovering from car accidents or suffering from chronic pain.  I currently work in a skylit studio on my property in Ballard.

My goal is to help improve the quality of life for those experiencing pain and dysfunction, not simply during the bodywork session, but also through education about exercises, nutrition, and overall life practices.  I strive to be a general health resource to my clients.    

My trademarked motto is "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

As this suggests, my treatments support individuals who take a proactive approach to their own healthcare.  Having recovered from several injuries, accidents, and surgeries myself, I know first hand about both the initial pain of a trauma and the pain of rehabilitation. I bring a strong sense of compassion and understanding to this work.

This quote from Ron Kurtz states my own professional philosophy:

"The therapist must have a presence and a willingness to stay honest and open and to love.  It's not technique, though skill is needed.  It's even more than attitude.  It's part of balanced and centered people that they come to important relationships as whole people, with everything they have and are.  There's just no other way to do this work."